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"Thanks so so much for your help, you’re a real life saver! My PC hasn’t performed this well in years!  Someone else offered to help but I was adamant that I already have an IT boffin and no one else will touch my systems except you."
"I really appreciated the fact that you took my call so early on a Sunday morning and went out of your way from 11AM to 23h40PM to spend so much time in fixing my PC here in Cape Town, all the way from the UK! Even going beyond the extra mile to fix numerous other issues that caused us endless irritations and I did not even ask you to do it. What impressed immensely was your dedication and perseverance in working on my system until fully sorted. You’re a real perfectionist! I wish you many new clients to become life long loyal customers. May Cybernetix grow from strength to strength!"
Isabel Porzio, MD Virtual PA (Cape Town, South Africa) 
"I have known Bert for a long time, having first met him in South Africa, where he was acknowledged to be an excellent Computer Specialist. I was delighted to hear that he was now in the UK, and that he was setting up Cybernetix in Lancashire. I used his services recently, and he has completely overhauled & upgraded my computer, which now operates better than at any time since it first came into my possession. The cost was most reasonable, which for me (a pensioner) was of prime importance. What is most important also, is the “after sales” that Bert has given, and his availability when there is a query or question.I wholeheartedly recommend him and Cybernetix!"
Tony Blythe (Retd) (Romily, Cheshire, United Kingdom)
Bert certainly understands PC’s. He took mine away, totally stripped it down and rebuilt it from the case upwards. In doing so he fixed some intermittent hardware errors and cleaned up the software installation. The result is that I’ve been able to extend the life of the machine, which has been a real boost to me, as I just couldn’t face the hassle of migrating to a new hardware platform. Bert also provides good after-service care as well, via a remote log-in service – so he’s always there if you need him.”Chris Davidson, MD Active Presence Limited (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
“The level of service at Cybernetix is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!” Hilton Holder (Brisbane, Australia)
"Having bought a notebook computer for my Alaskan touring business, I was frustrated by the fact that it came pre-installed with a version of Microsoft Office I disliked. Removing it proved difficult and cumbersome, and created endless new problems. The un-installation got stuck! Local IT support here in Anchorage was not only expensive, but inept and unfriendly plus they wanted to keep my PC for days! Bert of Cybernetix came to the rescue. He logged in via the internet (all the way from the UK!), ripped out the frozen installation, repaired the damage, then downloaded and reinstalled exactly the version of MS Office I needed. All in a matter of two hours! I would strongly recommend him to anyone anywhere in the world and find his level of competence and experience wholly unmatched." Mark Krieger, MD Alaskan Leopard Comedy Tours (Anchorage, Alaska USA)
"I have been working with Bert over the last 2 months with respect to getting the best out of my computer. The main things that I can say about Cybernetix is that they are reliable but more importantly they are honest and will not charge you for work done that basically you think you cannot do your self but you actually can as once you have been shown is easy. The majority of IT companies will charge silly money for something that will take 5 mins. Bert does the work that you cant do and lets you know what you can. In short Bert is trustworthy and hard working and will not let you down." Rob Molyneux MD Avalon Health (Chorley, United Kingdom)
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Cybernetix was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” Tammy Bruno, owner Tammy's Cappuchino (Kitwe, Zambia)
"CyberNetix are a fantastic company with a professional and reputable support team.  No problem is too big or too small and we would certainly have been lost without their invaluable help.  They have helped us in many ways, from as little as connecting the printer and replacing a laptop screen, to improving our marketing software and optimizing our internal networks.  Highly recommend their services and will definitely use them continually." Alexanda Braithwaite (Chorley, United Kingdom)
"Cybernetix like challenges. Big or small, merely frustrating or issues affecting the very core of your business. Bert has taken my machine and made it so much more user friendly, more efficient and yes even "fun."
Bert and his family's recent move to the UK has left some very saddened clients in South Africa but provided the UK and specifically the North West with an honest, reliable and truly passionate IT expert."   Dominic Stone, MD Tutor Doctor Lancashire, United Kingdom
"Bert, thank you so much for taking the time and urgency in solving my personal computer problems.  I have tried to persevere with the lack of speed & connectivity for almost the last 12 months, thinking I should just throw the PC into the nearest bin.  It was just by good fortune that we met at a recent networking event and had the opportunity to exchange business cards and have a brief discussion about our respective businesses
Your obvious knowledge and expertise on all matters I.T. shone through, and this has been further endorsed by the time and effort you have given, at relatively short notice, in bringing my PC back to life. Cybernetix obviously enjoy a challenge, and I'm extremely happy to say that working on my PC has once again become an enjoyment, instead of a chore.  I have already forwarded Cybernetix contact details to a number of business clients, pleased to personally recommend as an honest, reliable and cost effective means of rectifying any I.T. issues.  Once again Bert, many thanks."
Steve Brindle, Business Development Consultant. Lancaster & Morecambe College
"Bert, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work you have done in respect of the service and upgrading of my computers and creating an IT infrastructure which will enhance the efficient management and administration of my company. I have been very impressed by the extent of your professionalism and commitment to resolving the issues I presented you with. Your meticulous attention to detail and high standards of customer service have left me with a positive impression of your business. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other businesses in need of IT Support and look forward to working with you in the future." Don Gaskell, MD Paige Creative
My laptop was going slower and slower and I needed help from an IT expert. A number of business contacts of mine spoke very highly of a Bert Oosthuizen of Cybernetix IT Solutions. They said he changed their laptops from "Minis" to "Rolls Royces".
I contacted Bert and he took the laptop away. Soon I had it back. It had indeed been transformed into a Rolls Royce! I cannot speak too highly of his skills, knowledge and above everything his patience.If you have any hardware, software or IT problems I strongly recommend you to contact Bert first!" Sam Tuplin, Director Future Focus Coaching